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Non-Ferrous Polishing Kit 72 Felts & Taper OR Pigtail Choose Your Compound

Non-Ferrous Polishing Kit 72 Felts & Taper OR Pigtail Choose Your Compound
Non-Ferrous Polishing Kit 72 Felts & Taper OR Pigtail Choose Your Compound

Non-Ferrous Polishing Kit 72 Felts & Taper OR Pigtail Choose Your Compound    Non-Ferrous Polishing Kit 72 Felts & Taper OR Pigtail Choose Your Compound

Polishing Kit72 Felts, Taper OR Pigtail - Choose Your Compound. A kit for polishing non-ferrous, ferrous, precious metals or plastics and resins Chose appropriate compound.

3 off 75x25 with 6mm centre hole. 1 off Tapered Spindle on a 6mm shank for drills or 12mm right-hand Pigtail for bench polishers. High quality felts made in our UK Factory. (contents may vary slightly from the image). Uses These wheels are ideal for jobs such as bike renovation, for boats, classic cars, old metal frames, kitchen utensils, fireplaces, garden equipment. For cutting and polishing up to a beautiful shine. Popular with Jewellers, jewellery students, hobbyists, boat owners, polishers, DIY polishing, Bikers, Car Restorers, antique restorers. Tapered Spindle on a 6mm shank for drills. 12mm right-hand Pigtail for bench polishers.

Blue for polishing non-ferrous metal i. Brown for cutting (scratch removal) on non-ferrous and precious metals. Black for cutting (scratch removal) on ferrous metals such as steel. Pink for polishing ferrous metal i.

E steel, stainless steel etc. Buff for polishing plastic, resin, bone, ivory etc. The Cutting compound is used first to flatten and prepare the metal. This stage is crucial to the final shine, so spend plenty of time. If there are deep scratches or heavy rust etc it is best to remove these with wet and dry (or deburring wheel, unitized wheels, abrasive lap disc mops) do this before using the cutting compound.

Follow the cutting compound with a new felt loaded with polishing compound to bring it up to a high shine. To apply compound simply spin the felt against the compound bar, just a little coating is needed. Used With a standard drill or anything that will take a 6mm spindle I.

The mandrel included is on a 6mm shank. OR a bench polisher with the pigtail. Follow up with Vienna lime to remove grease and haze. Not included in this kit, but available in our shop following this link..

We are one of the last companies in Europe to produce felts and abrasives for the finishing industry. The company started over 30 years ago with one product, Moleroda paste. This family run company has grown steadily to manufacture felts and abrasives for industries as diverse as medial implants, jewellery, sculpture and aerospace (to name but a few) in their Wiltshire factory. The team at Moleroda believe in quality British made productsas well as carefully selected tools from other trusted manufacturers.

Giving our customers all the help we can using ourextensive experience, providing the full finishing solution be it automated (with the addition of Vibratory Finishing Systems and Media to our range) or by hand. We accept payments made via. Occasionally an item may be out of stock or needs to be made by our factory, in this case we will make sure it is dispatched as soon as possible. We will endeavour to make contact as soon as possible on receipt of the order if there will be a delay. Moleroda closes over the Christmas period.

All items ordered over this time will be dispatched promptly on our return. For items over 2kg we send by courier, we use Interlink Express who normally deliver next day. These items are tracked until they leave the UK and will only be handed over on reachingits destination if a signature is obtained. We use Interlink for heavier parcels which arrive in a similar time frame.

UK and Northern Ireland carriage is FREE. Ferrous metal generally contains Iron and is usually (not always) magnetic. Examples are Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Wrought Iron, Cast Iron, Surgical Steeland Stainless Steel. Non-Ferrous metals are mainly metals or alloys not containing Iron such as Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Pewter, Titanium, Nickel, Tin and Precious Metals such as Silver.

How do I get compound onto the mops/bobs? Our compound is a made of oils and wax therefore it needs heat to melt. To load it onto a mop or bob you simply need to spin the bob or mop against the compound bar. A thin head of compound is needed with regular top ups as you go along. Too much compound will reduce the effectiveness of the abrasive action and create lots of residue.

What is all this black stuff? That black stuff is a good sign... You don't want too much of it (you could be using too much compound) but it is a sign that the polishing is working. You'll always get this residue. It is best to always remove it quickly before the metal cools.

To do this use Vienna Lime and a soft lint free cloth to wipe over the surface (available in our shop). The other method is warm soapy (washing up liquid is best) water and a bit of elbow grease being careful not to scratch the metal. Spindles, Collets, Chucks I'm Confused! This can be the biggest area of confusion in polishing. Rotary tools such as drills, hobby drills, Dremels, pendant motors etc take items on a spindle (the metal shaft that goes into the drill). A chuck will clamp down onto the spindle so the important thing to consider is the maximum and minimum size you can fit in when choosing a kit. Collets sit inside the hand piece and come in specific sizes the most common of which are 2.35mm (3/32''), 3mm, 1/8'', 6mm in order of size. It is important that you know what size collets your tool comes with as the same size spindle is needed. Dremels often cause confusion as older models vary from newer models, you'll note that in our listings for'dremel style' kits we include the instruction to check what size your particular tool takes. We often find that our customers can make mistakes finishing the right size. I can't find the right size! I can't find what I'm looking for! Polishing is incredibly dependant on a number of factors, technique, pressure, heat, preparation. However we know that not everyone polishes the same. There are a few points to consider if you aren't getting a great finish. Did you prepare the surface with wet and dry or similar to smooth out heavy scratches and pits. Otherwise you'll just be creating the shiniest scratches in town. Did you spend long enough on the cutting stage, this is the first compound which flattens the surface and reduces scratches. If you didn't you'll still be able to see scratches and marks, even if they are shiny. The surface is cloudy and swirled. We recommend using Vienna Lime and a soft cloth to clean up after polishing.

It'll remove the polishing'haze'. Is the finish just not quite as shiny as you'd hoped, it's pretty good but not'the best'.

We have a couple of amazing compounds which will take the finish up that final notch. FF9 is described as the'Ultimate Finishing Bar' - does what it says on the tin but you will need a good finish for this to work at its best. Are you keeping your mops clean? We recommend that only one compound is used on each mop, if you keep them in separate bags that keeps them ultra clean. Bits of grit or other compounds will create fine scratches.

Using a mop dresser regularly will also keep mops in good condition and working to their best. Are you using too much pressure or not enough?

If you're too gentle not enough heat will build up to get the compound working. Too much pressure and the heat will build up and you can create all sort of dips, discolouration, orange peel etc. Polishing takes a bit of time to get the knack of, but once you've got it you'll be away.

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  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • MPN: Polishing Kit 72
  • Brand: Moleroda
  • Use with: a Standard Electric Drill

Non-Ferrous Polishing Kit 72 Felts & Taper OR Pigtail Choose Your Compound    Non-Ferrous Polishing Kit 72 Felts & Taper OR Pigtail Choose Your Compound